Legal Disclaimer

The 2012 Base Year values contained herein have been provided by the Office of Property Assessments. The values are for the property as it stood on January 1 of the current year. However, the assessed values are not to be interpreted as current market values. Allegheny County uses base year methodology. Allegheny County’s current base year is 2012 with an effective date of value of January 1, 2012. The website is updated on a daily basis to reflect changes due to appeals, permits, corrections and/or catastrophic loss.

Base Year values are subject to ongoing maintenance throughout the year. In accordance with the County's Administrative Code and State statutes, values may be adjusted for the following reasons:

  • The Office of Property Assessments can adjust Base Year values through the administrative change process for factual, mathematical or clerical errors.
  • Base Year values can also be adjusted due to a change in the physical nature of the property with building permits for additions or demolitions, or due to recorded subdivision plans.

The Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review and the Board of Viewers are separate entities from the Office of Property Assessments with the authority to hear appeals and make decisions that can change assessed values. The property owner and the taxing bodies are notified and the appeal decisions are regularly posted on the website.

All property data have been provided by the Office of Property Assessments and do not include minor, detached structures such as garages, swimming pools and sheds that may be assessed to the parcel. Sales prices are for the latest recorded sale and may not reflect invalid sales such as sheriff sales, love and affection sales or multiple parcel transactions. In the case of newly constructed buildings, the amount of the sale may reflect only the purchase of the vacant land. Therefore, sale-to-assessed-value comparisons can be misleading.

Local and County values may differ due to various abatement programs. To see information on the abatement programs for which you may qualify, please go to the Property Assessments Home Page.